Our aims


About the company

Limited liability company „Oil Logistic” is the first company with 100% of Belarusian capital. The company is the commodity distribution network of state concern „Belneftehim” in the Reublic of Latvia and Estonia. It was registered in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia on the 23rd February 2004. Over the years the company represent the interests of Belarusian manufacturers of  petrochemical production on the European market and performs promotional support of products  to end-buyers.

From the establishment moment of the company its main areas of activities are:

forwarding services of products manufactured by Belarusian enterprises that follow via the territory of the Republic of Latvia into the sea ports of Ventspils and Riga, as well as of those products that follow in transit to/from ports of Estonia via the Republic of Latvia;

sale and promotion of products manufactured by Belarusian enterprises onto the market of Latvia and Estonia;

arrangement of purchase and delivery of raw materials for Belarusian enterprises using the status of legal entity of the member state of European Union thus simplifying and cheapening  purchase of raw materials and  reducing costs for the delivery of the material from port to enterprise;

using the status of legal entity of the member state of European Union for performing functions of the Only-Representative of Belarusian exporters under the REACH and CLP (for "Classification, Labelling and Packaging") Regulations, as well as ISCC Regulation (certification system that can be used to prove sustainability and greenhouse gas savings for all kinds of biomass and bioenergy).


Our mission


To be the  most effective company, that develops export potential of the Republic of Belarus thus enabling Baltic region and other countries of EU to flourish.


Our values

orientation on consumer needs;

personal involvement and involvement;



striving to be the best.


Our aims


To remain reliable, acknowledged leader among suppliers of petrochemical production in the region, promote the development of our business partners offering  qualitative package of services in forwarding export of petrochemical products.


Our tasks

increase of share of petrochemical product implementation in domestic market of Baltic states by way of development of infrastructure and providing reliable schemes of logistics;

assurance of maximal growth of business value.


Current proposals